If you are seeking a new dentist or have been nervous about seeing a dentist, fear not! Here is what to expect at your first visit in my office.

1) Medical History Exam:
– Do you have a chronic illness or heart disease?
– Have you had any surgeries? Hip or Knee replacement?
– Taking any medications? Blood thinners, steroids, antibiotics?
– Allergies? Medications, Latex, Anesthetics?

2) What is your chief concern?
– Examples: Toothache, lost filling, cosmetic concerns, etc.

3) Sleep Apnea Evaluation:
– Neck Measurement
– Sleep Apnea Questionnaire
– Are you currently being treated for Sleep Apnea

4) Past Dental History
– What major procedures were performed?
– Excessive bleeding after an extraction?
– Anxiety?

5) Blood Pressure Measurement

6) Full Mouth Series of X-rays
– Check for cavities, lesions, bone levels, wisdom teeth and pathology.

7) Photographs of your teeth
– Visual presentation of your mouth

8) Thorough Clinical Examples
– Check all visible surfaces of your teeth
– Chart the existing fillings and restorations
– Check for cavities and defective or worn fillings
– Chart the health of your gums (periodontal probing)
– Examine the tongue, lips and internal surfaces of the mouth
– Check lymph nodes in the neck
– Check the bite (occlusion)
– Check the alignment of the teeth
– Perform an oral cancer exam with our Oral Id light
– Esthetic Exam

We hope this answers some of your questions and concerns and look forward to hearing from you! It is
never too late to get your oral and overall health on the right track!