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Sugar Alternatives & Fun Facts

🧐 Sugar is bad for your teeth🦷and its better to use it for more useful things. Other sweetened alternatives such as 🌱 stevia and xylitol (sugar from birch 🌳) are healthier options for your body 💪🏻💚.
Sugar Fun Facts: Chemical manufacturers 👩‍🔬 use sugar to grow 🔬 penicillin . A teaspoon 🥄 of sugar after a hot curry 🔥 will extinguish the furnace in your mouth 👄. A spoonful of sugar added to a vase🏺 will prolong the life 💚 of freshly cut flowers 💐.
We want to know, what’s your sugar life hack⁉️

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Spring Invisalign Special week

In honor of our upcoming🌷Spring Invisalign💲Special💲week, May 9th-May 12th 🗓, we want to introduce you to Steve! 🥳 He recently completed his Invisalign treatment with us and is very happy! During our Spring Invisalign Special, for the first time ever, Invisalign is offering $1000 off to the first 10 patients 😍 that accept treatment that week. Patients will also receive retainers, complimentary tooth whitening and more❣ Call our office for details and to schedule a consultation. ☎️

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It doesn’t matter how long it’s been – we still want to see you!

It doesn’t matter how long 🗓 it’s been we still want to see you❣ We know it can by scary to go to the dentist 🧐🦷, especially if it has been a while, but that doesn’t mean you should stay away. Please do not hesitate to call 📞 our office and come back to see us, we want to help you get back on track. Regular routine dental 👄🦷 cleaning and exams are the key to catching bigger issues early so treatment is easier. So, if you have been scared to come back and see us, call us 📞 today and make an appointment. We want you back and we promise we won’t judge❣

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Spring is in the air and so are new smiles!

Spring 🌷 is in the air and so are new smiles! 😁
In honor of our💲Spring Invisalign Special 💲, for the FIRST time ever, Invisalign is offering $1000 off* 🤯 to patients who commit to treatment during our Invisalign week, 🦷 🗓 May 9th-May 12th. 😍 Patients who sign up during that time will also receive complimentary tooth whitening, retainers and more❣
🥳 We are so excited to offer this amazing deal and help you achieve the beautiful smile you deserve. Don’t miss out – call us today! ☎️
*Terms and conditions apply


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Earth Day 🌳

As we celebrate 🌎 Earth Day 🌳 Friday, April 22nd, we would like to highlight some of the ways that our 🦷 dental health practices can help to promote a healthy and sustainable environment. We have compiled a list of quick and easy adjustments to make in your daily routine that will go a long way in helping our Earth.

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🌷April is Oral 👄 Cancer Awareness Month!

🌷April is Oral 👄 Cancer Awareness Month! Every hour, 🕑 24-hours-a-day, 365-days-a-year, someone dies of oral or oropharyngeal cancer (cancer of the mouth and upper throat). Yet, if oral cancer is detected and treated early ✅, treatment-related health problems are reduced and survival rates may increase 👍. Once a year, at your routine dental appointment ✅, your hygienist will perform an oral cancer screening 🔎. So, be sure to stay up to date with your hygiene 🗓 appointments, and remember, when these cancers are detected and treated early, mortality and treatment related health problems are reduced❣

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