If you are experiencing severe pain or swelling, you should call your dentist.

Here are some tips for more minor problems:

If you have a broken tooth that is painful or has a rough edge, you can use a product called “Dentemp” which is available at your local pharmacy

This product (Dentemp) may also be used to recement crowns and bridges.

Warm salt water rinses will help to alleviate the pain and promote healing of mouth sores.

Tie a knot in your dental floss and PULL it through the space between your teeth to dislodge an object caught between your teeth.

I do not recommend placing an aspirin on your tooth or placing Anbesol on your gums.
Orajel would be a better option

Use a Fluoride Rinse such as ACT of FLUOROGUARD especially if you have been diagnosed of having cavities. This will markedly slow the progression of decay.

I am offering a service called TELEDENTISTRY whereby a person, when they have a dental problem, can FaceTime or videoconference with me. I can then diagnosis their problem and make a recommendation.

My contact number is 973-945-0264

Our office will reopen soon to take care of all of your dental needs.