The office of Drs. Vander Vliet and Stiteler Advanced Dental Care have always
utilized the latest technology in providing superior dental care to our patients.

Cerec: This enables us to provide our patients with single visit crowns. After the
tooth is prepared, photos are then taken with a 3D camera. The crown is then
designed on the computer, then manufactured out of a single block of porcelain
in an ultra precise milling unit. After it has been glazed, the crown is bonded onto
the tooth. NO second visit and NO impression.

CBCT: (Cone Beam Computerized Tomography) is a type of a panoramic 3D x-ray.
This enables us to see teeth and jaw structures in a very detailed 3-dimensional
image. We use it to help diagnose problems that are not readily visible in a
conventional dental x-ray. We also use it to plan the placement of dental
implants. With careful planning of the placement, a surgical guide is then
manufactured which allows precise placement of the implant utilizing minimally
invasive surgery.

iTero: Our latest acquisition is the iTero element 5D imaging system. This is an
advanced 3D camera system that allows us to scan a patient’s mouth with a
camera. The camera takes an astonishing 6,000 images per second! It will then
produce a virtual model of your teeth, without taking an impression!! We can
then send this image to Invisalign for production of aligners or a laboratory to
produce a resin model of your teeth. It can also be used to provide you with a
simulation of what your teeth would look like after orthodontic treatment. The
iTero can also be utilized to view the virtual model of your teeth using NIRI (near
infra-red imaging) to detect cavities without using x-ray radiation.