Why You Shouldn’t Delay Visiting the Dentist During a Pandemic

#1 Question: Is the Dental Office Safe?
Dentists are accustomed to constantly be thinking about infectious-disease risk.
As novel as the Coronavirus pandemic is to the world, it is not the first time dentists have had to manage disease control. Examples include hepatitis B and the AIDS pandemic in the 1980’s.
Dental offices are going above and beyond to protect you, their employees and families as well.
Dental professionals themselves are at high risk, so of course, they are going to take every precaution to maintain a clean and healthy environment for all.

Additional COVID Implemented Protocols
● Spaced out appointments
● Pre-appointment questionnaire
● Screening upon arrival
● Hand sanitization upon entry
● Patients are no longer allowed to wait in the waiting room
● Face masks are required when leaving the dental operatory
● Disinfectant sprays are used in every room between patients
● HEPA filtration systems and vacuums in each treatment room

Certain Time Sensitive Dental Matters
● Painful Toothaches – unable to sleep or eat
  ○ May be indicative of dental nerve involvement
  ○ Could lead to infection and loss of the tooth
● Mouth or Face Swelling
  ○ Swelling can be a sign of infection that can cause further issues if not addressed
  ○ Dental infections can cause difficulty breathing and result in health threatening situations if not resolved
  ○ Infections do not typically “disappear” unless the cause of the infection is addressed
● Broken Teeth
  ○ Once broken, the integrity of a tooth is lost
  ○ The tooth will often continue to break further to the point where it may not longer be salvageable
  ○ The earlier a broken tooth is addressed, the better chance you have to save it!
  Problems will only worsen and unfortunately become more costly and possibly irreversible as time passes. We are here to help you keep a healthy mouth and live a healthy life.

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