Summer sun brings summer fun. While warm months are perfect for spending time together, summer vacation can also throw off your usual dental routine. Here are a few ways to prevent summertime tooth decay.

Have a dental checkup before leaving town or before going back to school
Nothing can ruin a vacation quite like a toothache or dental emergency. Depending on where you are traveling to, it could be difficult to get the proper treatment required. It is always best to get your teeth checked before going on a trip to make sure everything is in tip-top shape!

For children and college students most schools require back-to-school dental visits. These checkups can be a good way to be sure your child’s teeth stayed healthy over the summer. It is a good idea to schedule the back-to-school appointment early in the summer to avoid the August rush and help ensure you get the appointment time that works best for you.

Watch what you are eating during the summer
As the temperature rises, it is common for families to sip and snack during sports tournaments, festivals or community events. Watch your intake of lemonade, juice and soda. Try to instead drink water to beat the heat.

One of the reasons that we go on vacation is for the amazing food! Unfortunately, it is pretty easy to get carried away. Just remember when you are traveling this summer or lounging around to only eat sweets and snacks in moderation. Make sure to bring sugar-free chewing gum for after eating. Research shows that chewing sugar-free gum for 20 minutes after eating can help prevent cavities!

Stay on a routine
It is important for families to consistently brush and floss over the summer. No matter how eventful the upcoming months become, supervise that your children are brushing twice a day for 2 minutes with fluoride toothpaste. Simple things like brushing calendars can help everyone stay on track over the summer. Brushing alongside your children for 2 minutes, twice a day for three months of summer gives you 6 extra hours together, so make the most of them!

A vacation tip for packing your toothbrush is to make sure to store it in a case or bag that is ventilated. If you use a brush head cover or need to pack it in a bag without ventilation, make sure it is completely dry before storing it. This will help reduce the amount of bacteria on your toothbrush.

Enjoy the summer!
We hope these tips will help you protect your teeth, even when you are on vacation! You will have more fun knowing that your teeth are taken care of and your smile is summer ready.
Wishing safe travels and a wonderful summer to all of our amazing patients and WRNJ listeners!