1. Bisphosphonates – a class of osteoporosis medications – such as Boniva, Actonel and Fosamax – in a small percentage of cases, there may be a development of osteonecrosis of the jaw. ONJ –
where the jaw bone does not heal especially after an extraction. More common in IV medications for osteoporosis.

Important to have a thorough exam before going on this class of medications.

Tell your dentist if you are taking this medication.

2. Cancer Treatments/Chemo Patients – Oral sores, inflammation or discoloration of the soft tissue in the mouth.

3. There are over 1,800 drugs that cause dry mouth. In such drug classes as:
*allergy medications – especially antihistamines
*blood pressure medications especially diuretics
*anti-anxiety medications

Why is dry mouth bad?
• Leads to more cavities because saliva normally neutralizes all of the acids in your mouth
• Causes bad breath

• Drink plenty of water
• Chew sugar free gum – stimulates saliva production
• Practice good oral hygiene
• Use fluoride toothpaste
• OTC products such as Biotene and Colgate Dry Mouth Relief

There are many oral moisturizers prescribed to treat dry mouth. However, not all are safe. A safe pH level is a 6.7 or higher. Any product with a pH level of 5.5 or lower is considered dangerous. They are dangerously acidic and cause erosion of the teeth. Avoid the following moisturizers:
• OraMoist (2.9 pH)
• MouthKote (3.0 pH)
• Cotton Mouth Lozenges (3.1 pH)
• MedActive Oral Relief Lozenges (3.2 pH)
• Hager Pharma Dry Mouth Drops (4.4 pH)
• Rite Aid Dry Mouth Discs (5.1 pH)
• CVS Pharmacy Dry Mouth Discs (5.3 pH)