Stick out your tongue…
and brush it! Brushing and scraping your tongue may be one of your best defenses against bad breath. All the plaque that accumulates on your teeth also accumulates on your tongue.

True or False?
After menopause, women should see their dentist more frequently. TRUE

A study from Case Western Reserve University found that women in this age group are at greater risk for periodontal disease and need frequent professional cleanings – up to four a year – to remove the hard plaque that can trigger gum disease and weaken jaw bones.

Things are shifting…
Have you noticed food getting stuck in new places in your mouth? Have you noticed a tooth that was overlapping very slightly all your life all of a sudden overlapping even more? You are not imagining things! As we age our teeth shift. As they shift, all sorts of new problems and issues can pop up. Luckily, moving those teeth back to where they belong can be an easy solution with Invisalign. Invisalign is a series of clear aligners that will move your teeth back into alignment. Not only will this be aesthetically pleasing, it improves your gum health! We are an Invisalign provider, call us if you are interested, or we can talk about it at your next hygiene visit.

Energy Drinks? Think again…
Need a liquid pick-me-up? Avoid those tooth strippers… In a study comparing five beverages, energy drinks were second worst after sports drinks – mainly because they had little ability to buffer the acids in the beverage. And drinks like these are an especially bad idea for adolescents and young adults, whose tooth enamel is less mature and more porous.

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