May I offer you a cup of cavities?
Do you ever pour yourself a cup of coffee or tea, add some sugar and then take a sip every few minutes during the morning? This is more damaging to your teeth than if you ate a slice of chocolate cake in five minutes. Every sip reintroduces sugar into your mouth and creates a breeding ground for decay. Our recommendation? Take your drink without sugar, or drink it as quickly as possible!

Link upon Link
We all know that periodontal disease has a significant link to many serious conditions, like heart disease, stroke and diabetes. New studies are now showing that link extending to breast cancer and esophageal cancer. We can no longer ignore the fact that the chronic inflammation of your gums plays a huge role in your overall health. All the more reason to keep your hygiene appointment, or schedule one!

Smokers remain three times more likely than non-smokers to lose all their teeth. This figure has not changed from a decade ago.

Radio Days
Many of you have listened to Dr. Vander Vliet on WRNJ on alternate Friday mornings talking to Mike Galley on the air. We are looking for patients that would be willing to go to the WRNJ station in Hackettstown to record a brief testimonial which would be used in our promotional advertising. If interested, you can hit reply to this email and let us know, or call us at (908) 852-8858.

Dental Fun Fact
On a daily basis, your mouth is home to over a trillion micro-creatures who are swimming, feeding, reproducing and depositing waste in your mouth. If that doesn’t make you want to brush your teeth, I don’t know what will!