Happy New Year!
We would like to wish all of our patients a happy and healthy 2018!

It’s that time of year again, where many of us make wonderful resolutions but have trouble following through. If one of your resolutions is to improve your overall health, then that includes your oral health as well! Did you know: If you always have a chronic inflammatory condition in your mouth, you never turn off the process of inflammation in your body. Vascular disease coupled with inflammation causes events such as heart attack or stroke. So please call us today to schedule your hygiene visit! Improving your oral health improves your overall health, and that checks one resolution off your list!

Change of plans?
January is the time when many plans change with your dental insurance. Before your next visit, please let us know if your insurance has changed. That way we can have your new insurance plan in our system before your appointment. Please call or email us with the information and we will update your records.

Winter Wonderland?
Winter brings many travel challenges for all of us with the snow and icy conditions. If bad weather occurs and we decide to close the office, please be assured that we will contact you to reschedule your appointment. You can also call the office and listen to our answering machine for instructions on how to reach the doctor, if there is a closure, or if you have an emergency.

To Sunny Days in Arizona…?
Dr. Vander Vliet will be heading to the Spear Center in Scottsdale Arizona later this month. As a Cerec mentor, he will help teach dentists who recently acquired this technology. Cerec is the device which enables us to fabricate and deliver a crown in just one appointment.

Radio Days…
Listen to Dr. Vander Vliet on WRNJ (92.7 FM, 104.7 FM, or 1510 AM) on alternate Fridays at 8:10 am. Upcoming air date is this Friday January 12th. Lots of interesting topics and discussion!

Dental Fun Fact:
There are more bacteria in the human mouth than there are people on the Earth.