Barcelona, Anyone?
Dr. V will be heading to Barcelona at the end of the month with the Paragon International Study Club. He will be presenting a lecture on the digital workflow in the planning, placement and restoration of dental implants.

Put a hard limit on the soft drink…
Soft drinks have emerged as one of the most significant dietary sources of tooth decay, affecting people of all ages. Sugar-free drinks, which account for only 14 percent of all soft drink consumption, are less harmful. However, they are acidic and potentially can still cause problems. New studies have shown that sugar-sweetened and diet soft drinks alike were associated with a higher risk of stroke, particularly in women, and Type II diabetes. One 12oz can of soda contains 10 teaspoons of sugar.

Let the games begin!!!
It’s that time of year – school is starting soon, sports may have already begun… and mouthguards are a MUST to protect your child’s teeth. The guards that you buy at the store will not do the job you need them to do, only a custom guard will protect your child’s teeth adequately. Normally the fee for a custom mouthguard is $285.00, but if you call in the month of August to schedule an appointment, the fee will be reduced to $75.

Have you ever…
Walked into a room and forgot what you went in there for? Getting your teeth cleaned might actually help you remember! A study published in the Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry hints that good oral care, including regular brushing, flossing and dental visits may help aging adults keep their thinking skills intact.

Dr. Vander Vliet’s radio air date this month will be Friday, August 10th. You can hear him at 8:10am on WRNJ (92.7FM, 104.7FM or 1510AM).

Oral Cancer Screening – Fast, Easy, Painless
Oral cancer affects nearly 48,250 Americans each year. Killing roughly 1 person per hour.That’s why most dental exams include a quick, painless, visual oral cancer screening. The test can spot cancer in the earliest stages while it’s still very treatable.

We’ll thoroughly check your mouth, lips and tongue for any abnormal lesions. If we find cause for concern, we may use a medical device, where we collect a small amount of cells and send them to the lab for analysis. We’ll then contact you with results and recommend next steps if needed.

You can help us catch oral cancer in its early stages by referring a loved one who has any of the following risk factors:
– A sore in the mouth that lasts for two weeks or more
– Regular tobacco and alcohol use
– Never had an oral cancer exam