2022 March Newsletter

March is Nutrition Awareness Month

In addition to good nutrition provided by healthy foods that help teeth grow and stay healthy, fruits and vegetables promote the production of saliva. More saliva means the mouth is naturally washed out more often, preventing bacterial growth. Other foods and drinks that help keep your teeth happy include water, dairy, lean proteins, and nuts. A healthy mouth is a healthy body!

Things are Shifting…

Have you noticed food getting stuck in new places in your mouth? Have you noticed a tooth that was overlapping very slightly all your life all of a sudden overlapping even more? You are not imagining things! As we age our teeth shift. As they shift, all sorts of new problems and issues can pop up. Luckily, moving those teeth back to where they belong can be an easy solution with Invisalign. Invisalign is a series of clear aligners that will move your teeth back into alignment. Not only will this be aesthetically pleasing, it improves your gum health! We are an Invisalign provider, so call us if you are interested, or we can talk about it at your next hygiene visit.

Link Upon Link

We all know that periodontal disease has a significant link to many serious conditions, like heart disease, stroke and diabetes. New studies are now showing that link extending to breast cancer and esophageal cancer. We can no longer ignore the fact that the chronic inflammation of your gums plays a huge role in your overall health. All the more reason to keep your hygiene appointment, or schedule one!

Energy Drinks? Think Again…

Need a liquid pick-me-up? Avoid those tooth strippers… In a study comparing five beverages, energy drinks were second worst after sports drinks – mainly because they had little ability to buffer the acids in the beverage. And drinks like these are an especially bad idea for adolescents and young adults, whose tooth enamel is less mature and more porous.

Dental Fun Fact

On a daily basis, your mouth is home to over a trillion micro-creatures who are swimming, feeding, reproducing and depositing waste in your mouth. If that doesn’t make you want to brush your teeth, I don’t know what will!

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