2022 June Newsletter

Oral Health Month

June is Oral Health Month! Maintaining a general level of oral health is a fairly simple task, yet many lack these day-to-day routines. The consequences of minimal oral health care and a lack of routine dentistry can lead to declining oral health with problems such as tooth decay and gum disease. Be sure to schedule your cleanings every six months to maintain good oral health.

Summertime…and the Livin’ is Easy…

It’s that time again – vacation! We will be closed from July 1st through July 7th we will reopen on July 8th. There will be a covering dentist, so if you have an emergency that cannot wait until we return, the contact information will be on our voicemail.

Do You Know What We Love?

New patients. Especially new patients that are referred by our existing patients. That’s because it shows your confidence and trust in Dr. Vander Vliet’s ability and skill. We take a new patient referral as a high compliment, and appreciate each one. So, if you know someone that could use an amazing dentist, pass along our number!

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Fun Fact

Sugar Facts: Chemical manufacturers use sugar to grow penicillin. A teaspoon of sugar after a hot curry will extinguish the furnace in your mouth. A spoonful of sugar added to a vase will prolong the life of freshly cut flowers.

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