Knocked out tooth
* Keep the tooth moist at all times
* Hold the tooth by the crown, not the root
* Do NOT scrub the tooth – if dirty, you may rinse it off
* If possible, gently insert the tooth back into to socket, if not, place it into a container of milk.
* See your dentist as quickly as possible – ideally within 30 minutes.

Cracked or broken tooth
* Rinse your mouth with warm water to clean the area
* See your dentist as soon as possible
* If you can find the broken tooth fragment, bring it with you

Possible broken jaw
* See your dentist or hospital emergency department
* Keep ice over the site of suspected injury

Bitten tongue or lip
* Clean the area with a clean cloth
* Apply an ice pack to the area if possible
* If bleeding is heavy or does not stop in a short period of time, go to your dentist or emergency room

Objects caught between teeth
* Gently try to remove the object with dental floss
* If unsuccessful, see your dentist
* Do not try to remove the object with a sharp instrument

* See your dentist as soon as possible
* Do NOT put aspirin on the tooth