2023 March Newsletter

March is Nutrition Awareness Month

In addition to good nutrition provided by healthy foods that help teeth grow and stay healthy, fruits and vegetables promote the production of saliva. More saliva means the mouth is naturally washed out more often, preventing bacterial growth. Other foods and drinks that help keep your teeth happy include water, dairy, lean proteins, and nuts. A healthy mouth is a healthy body!

Dental Savings Membership Plan

Did you know? For our patients who do not have dental insurance, we offer a dental savings membership plan that’s exclusive to our office. The annual fee is $485 and the included services are 2 dental cleanings, 2 oral examinations, 2 fluoride applications, and one set of radiographs (x-rays) in a 12 month period. Plus, if you need any restorative work such as fillings, crowns, or bridges, you get 15% off of our regular fees, with an annual limit of $10,000. To find out more information about our dental savings plan, please call our office at 908-852-8858.

Spring Cleanings….

Spring is just around the corner! If you or a family member are due for a cleaning, give our office a call to schedule an appointment. It is important to maintain regular hygiene care to keep that beautiful smile! So, spring into action and call our office today!

May I Offer You a Cup of Cavities?

Do you ever pour yourself a cup of coffee or tea, add some sugar and then take a sip every few minutes during the morning? This is more damaging to your teeth than if you ate a slice of chocolate cake in five minutes. Every sip reintroduces sugar into your mouth and creates a breeding ground for bacteria and decay. Our recommendation? Take your drink without sugar or drink it as quickly as possible!

Fun Fact

Teeth are actually part of the digestive system. This is because they chew food into smaller pieces so we can digest it.

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